“The Walking Dead” will premiere this weekend in Mexico and Latin America on Star +

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“The Walking Dead” will premiere this weekend in Mexico and Latin America on Star + – AMC (courtesy)

To excite the public, the AMC network has unveiled a trailer for part 3 of the last season of ‘The walking dead’, the thrilling zombie series that has positioned itself as a favorite on television for years and will finally reach its final chapter this year. The appointment starts this weekend in Star +.

Similar to the premiere of previous seasons, you will be able to see “The Walking Dead” every Sunday at 9:00 pm (Central Mexico time) starting October 2, with the first of the last 8 chapters making up part 3 of season 11, that will close the story.

this is the last Trailer for the last season of “The Walking Dead” where the protagonists can be seen facing what appears to be a battle to the death with the Commonwealth community which in previous chapters proved to be a rather powerful threat, and half of the survivors have infiltrated the interior.

Season 11 part 3 “The Walking Dead” will debut on Star + on Sunday, October 2 at 9:00 pm in Mexico and Latin Americaand the first chapter will tell the beginning of the end of one of the most successful series that for more than 10 years has managed to captivate audiences with a compelling story about the end of the world.

“The Walking Dead” ends but leaves its story open

The series finale ‘The Walking Dead’ will see a conclusion come to the screen after being on the air for more than a decade, but the stories of its main characters will not end, as the most important ones will have an adventure in other series, which are have been confirmed by AMC as spin offs similar to “World Beyond” or “Fear TWD”.

Daryl Dixon, played by actor Norman Reedus, will have his own series in which he will appear alone after an adventure different from the mother series, while Negan and Maggie will have to learn to resolve their differences since they are the main protagonists of “Dead City” . “. of the spin offs already announced.

In addition to these two spin offs of ‘The Walking Dead’, the AMC network has also officially confirmed that both Danai Gurira and Andrew Lincoln will return to the history of walkers in a miniseries that will tell the romantic drama between Michonne and Rick. Grimes, and this one, like the previous two, will premiere in 2023.

By Jared Solis

Source: Nacion Flix