Sylvester Stallone may claim superheroes but “Samaritan” has failed; marvel at your salvation

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Sylvester Stallone may claim superheroes but “Samaritan” has failed; Marvel His Salvation – Special: Flix Nation (Amazon / Marvel)

It was not an easy road to go, and it was known. Even so, Amazon Prime has once again ventured into superhero stories and achieved the success it had already achieved with ‘The Boys’ and’invincible‘in the past, two productions that continue to generate seasons in their series format. The new bet was to give everything to ‘Samaritan’ but as a film that, despite having good numbers, as a superhero proposal failed in the attempt despite the great attributes it could exploit.

First of all, let’s clear it up “Samaritan” as a production was not a failureon the contrary, the one starring Sylvester Stallone, had excellent audience numbers and at the time it ranked as the most watched film on the streaming platform. And then, what happened that many didn’t talk about it? The answer is simple, it hasn’t followed the patterns of DC and Marvel.

Yes, I know there are always complaints against Marvel Studios and DC movies because they paint their superheroes the same way and for endless reasons that many end up not convincing them. The case is not the comparison, but whatSamaritan ‘had everything to break those patterns, stop streaming and ask Amazon to set your own style and that doesn’t seem to be happening. Let’s explain it closely.

Although in his early stage as an actor, Sylvester Stallone He never expressed any intention of being an unforgettable superhero, it was definitely a time when his followers were hoping that at some point in his career it could happen. We had already seen him as one of the indestructibles of Hollywoodand with a great trajectory drawn, for the fans it was necessary that he appear not as a secondary, but as a protagonist.

The dream of seeing him as a superhero but ends up recycling ideas from other universes

‘Samaritan’ wasn’t Stallone’s first opportunity to enter the world of superheroes, that moment came much earlier with “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” by James Gunnyes, precisely with Marvel, where within the UCM he plays the character stacarwhich will be repeated in the episode of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3” and that Marvel fans await with great enthusiasm.

We must not forget that Stakar, however impressive he may seem to us thanks to the actor who plays him, is still a secondary character, although no less relevant in this story. With this in mind, we can understand that, in fact, ‘Samaritan’ was his first opportunity as a protagonist, a unique, different superhero with all the potential to be the favorite despite not belonging to a large cinematic universe and being cast from comics City of the Astro.

With criticisms, truths, pros and cons, “Samaritan” didn’t score more than 5.7 out of 10 in IMDb. Curiosity, in Rotten tomatoeshad 73% approval from the public and a 40% rating from the specialized critics, but here the important thing of the numbers and more numbers is that the viewers were convinced that Stallone deserves an important role as a superhero, and at the beyond what the film has not achieved compared to the already popular ones, he saves the situation with his great acting professionalism.

Prime Video doesn’t confirm a Samaritan sequel starring Sylvester Stallone. Photo: Amazon

And come on, despite the success achieved in terms of ratings, Amazon Studios He hasn’t confirmed a sequel to ‘Samaritan’, at least not until now and his reasons have been classified. But if we want, yes, we want to see Silvestro again in one of these characters who put an end to evil and do good, above all, being an example for the little ones, even if that opportunity is reserved for him to claim the path of superheroes from only .with Marvel.

Yes, it’s true that Stallone had every opportunity to claim superhero stories because many, already tired of the same mold as DC and Marvel, wanted his main film to be the opportunity to create a new universe, but it didn’t turn out that way. , no for the moment and the chances of it happening are almost nil.

And there are two options: we accept that the production of ‘Samaritan’it wasn’t exactly the best, it was more or less the same that other universes offer, but with a lesser known story and a recycled format, yes, that was, more or less the same and nothing more. Or we definitely end up accepting the unconventional idea that Sylvester Stallone fits the better UCM with his secondary character and this was more powerful than his own film.

I am not going to retire without first saying that, finally, ‘Samaritan’ is not bad, his failed idea is not a complete failure, the idea of ​​a sequel can fix everything if that possibility still exists. It has good elements, especially since it’s an inspirational superhero movie for kids, with a lot of things to learn and save, with defined values ​​that contribute to society, and not just awakening the idea of ​​wanting to fly and have superhuman powers.

With all his talent, career and executive producer on the film, Stallone is assured that, whatever the reason, he will receive the support of a loyal audience, but that doesn’t detract from the desire to see him in a film perfectly suited to the film. his stature, when he grew up that he managed to be, the protagonist.

By Karen Magallanes

Source: Nacion Flix