Netflix does it again: the last season of “Manifyto” will be divided into two parts

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Netflix does it again: the last season of “Manifyto” will be divided into two parts: Special (courtesy)

It is confirmed that the series’Manifest’will have a new season after the intense finale of part 3, and this one will arrive on Netflix in November, however it will be split into two parts in the same way that the streaming giant has already done so in the past with great successes such as for example ‘Lucifer’, ‘La Casa de papel’ or ‘Stranger Things’, but there is good news.

Despite the last season of ‘Manifierto’ will be divided into 2 partsNetflix has confirmed that this will be the longest of all, as it will have more chapters than the first three, so it will practically feel like two new seasons to tell the outcome of passengers on Flight 828.

The first part of “Manifyto” season 4 will premiere on Netflix on November 4th, so there are still a few weeks left before we can decipher the mystery about the return of the plane captain and because Cal Stone looks so much bigger that the last time he was seen on the plane with his father during a call.

Both the first and the second part of “Manifierto” season 4, which by the way will be the last of all, will have a total of 10 chapters each, so in total it will have 20 episodesthus exceeding the number of the previous three, and presenting a long story to unmask once and for all the strange mystery of the passengers and the appeals.

At the moment Netflix has not revealed when part 2 of season 4 of ‘Manifest’ will be released and everything seems to indicate that we will have to wait for the first to have its premiere in the catalog to find out, although it is very likely that it will reach the streaming platform soon. before the end of 2022.

‘Manifyto’ presents its trailer at Netflix’s TUDUM

Despite the last season of ‘Manifierto’ It has already presented its first preview with a special video, this has very few scenes from last season, but luckily for all the fans this lucky series is part of the list of series and films that will be present at the TUDUM on September 24 to present the trailer extended.

After its cancellation by the television network NBC’Manifyto’ has been officially bailed out by Netflix, to give the story a new season and close the unfinished story of the 282’s passengers and thus show the public what has been hidden for years behind the mystery and the questions that will finally have an answer at the end. 2022.

By Jared Solis

Source: Nacion Flix