Is it close to “Cobra Kai”? The creator of the “Karate Kid” spin-off wants Hilary Swank on Netflix

¿Se acerca a ‘Cobra Kai’? Creador del spin off de ‘Karate Kid’ quiere a Hilary Swank en NetflixIt is near to

Is it close to “Cobra Kai”? “Karate Kid” Spin-Off Creator Wants Hilary Swank On Netflix – Special (Courtesy)

After the launch of the fifth season of “Cobra Kai” on Netflix, now many of the fans of this original series on the platform are speculating on what this spin-off of “Karate Kid” might show in the future and everyone seems to agree when it is a great time for him Hilary swank comeback to this karate franchise.

We must not forget that Hilary Swank is the protagonist of the film released in 1994 ‘karate boy 4′, a film in which the actress plays Julie Pierce, the second disciple of Mr. Miyagi, who had no relationship with Daniel LaRusso, a production that did not have the success of the first films of this franchise,’ Cobra Kai ‘on Netflix could show the return of this character.

With the interest generated by the possible return of Hilary Swank a ‘Karate Kid’ through ‘cobra kai’, the co-creator of the Netflix series, Jon Hurwitz, was questioned on the subject through social networks, where the writer notes that they have undoubtedly talked about integration. Julie Pierce to this spin off, indicating that it would be great news to work with the actress.

I can say that Hilary Swank is one of the best actresses in America and we would be very lucky to have her in our Dojo, ”says Hurwitz.

Yes that’s right, Hurwitz does not confirm the Julie Pierce’s return to the universe of ‘Karate Kid’, however, reveals his interest in working with Hilary Swank, so taking into account the large number of characters from the films of this franchise who have returned to the series, it is very likely that in the future fans will be able to see again for this character of the saga. .

For now we will have to wait for the confirmation of a sixth season to get more information on the future of this series, as it is important to remember that for the moment ‘Cobra Kai’ has not been renewed for further deliveries, however, with the success that the series has had. and the huge interest generated by the fifth season, it seems a matter of time before the new episodes are announced by Netflix.

More Karate Kid on Netflix?

Also, Jon Hurwitz He also commented on his interest in making more seasons of “Cobra Kai” on several occasions, noting that this title could have more than 6 seasons, and he also indicated his interest in having more. spin off of ‘Karate Kid’within the streaming giant’s catalog, so the future looks very good for this franchise.

What is a fact, is that ‘Cobra Kai ‘ has become one of the most successful series in Netflix history, a title that is now a benchmark for this platform as it is followed by millions of loyal “Karate Kid” fans, who would undoubtedly be very happy to see Julie Pierce always played by Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank.

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