New trailer for Dario Argento’s upcoming horror thriller DARK GLASSES

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Legendary Italian horror and thriller director Dario Argento (Susperia, Hell, Darkness, Phenomena, Opera) made his first film in over a decade. It is entitled Dark glassesand the story follows a serial killer who preys on prostitutes.

I am a fan of Argento’s early 70s and 80s films and am curious to see how it will turn out. His latest films of him haven’t been really great, and he seems to have lost his touch, but I’m ready to watch him to see what it is all about. Here are the details of the story:

In an almost deserted summer Rome, in the midst of a hypnotic solar eclipse, a mysterious serial killer begins to target high-end prostitutes. Diana is one of them. Desperate to escape him, she is the victim of a serious car accident that leaves her blind. After a long period of rehabilitation, Diana learns that the only other survivor of the accident is a child of Chinese origin named Chin, now an orphan, and she decides to take care of him. Coming from different cultural backgrounds, the two connect through a special bond that allows them to defend themselves from the serial killer’s thirst for revenge.

Dario Argento returns to directing after a ten-year hiatus with a film that mixes the atmosphere of the Italian pulp “yellow” of his early works with his legendary horror touch, although this time with a dose of acute irony. Black glasses is a headlong race between city and countryside that explores the social conflict between the affluent neighborhoods and the so-called Chinatown of Rome. The master’s gaze transforms this nightmare into pure geometry, and the class war into that sort of metaphysical architecture that recalls Antonioni.

The cast of the film includes Ilenia Pastorelli like Diana, Andrea Zhang as I lie, with Asia Argento, Andrea Gherpelli, Mario PirelloAnd Maria Rosaria Russo.

Shudder will debut with Silver Dark glasses streaming starting October 13, 2022.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant