Netflix reveals epic trailer for its remake of classic ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT

Netflix has revealed an epic first trailer for its remake of the classic film, All quiet on the west frontbased on the 1929 novel by Erich Maria Note. It was first adapted in 1930 and won the Oscar for Best Picture. Edoardo Berger (Jack, Patrizio Melrose) directed the last film and together wrote the adapted screenplay Ian Stokell And Lesley Paterson. The film is the protagonist Felix Kammerer, Albrecht Schuch, Moritz Klaus, Aaron Hilmer, Edin Hasanovic, Adrian GrunewaldAnd Daniel Bruhl.

The synopsis of the Netflix film reads:

“All Quiet on the Western Front tells the compelling story of a young German soldier on the Western Front of World War I. Paul and his companions experience firsthand how the initial euphoria of war turns into despair and fear as they fight for the their lives, and each other, in the trenches. Director Edward Berger’s film is based on the world-famous bestseller of the same name by Erich Maria Remarque. “

In the film’s press release, Berger said of the project:

“I wanted to make a film that wasn’t preachy or sentimental. Any director who takes the subject of war seriously will probably always have the noble intention of making a film that speaks against the war. When Malte promised me the adaptation of All quiet on the west front, I thought: ‘What a great opportunity!’ Of course, in the first place, because the book is famous all over the world. But above all because I have always had the feeling that a feeling will accompany us throughout our life: the feeling of being the heir of two wars. In most cases, American or British war films can’t help but find a silver lining in their stories. Traveling on the London Underground in November, I see people wearing poppies in remembrance of the ceasefire. The soldiers returned home after the war and were celebrated as heroes in Trafalgar Square. We know similar images from America, in Times Square, where people fell into each other’s arms. America was dragged into the war against her will and liberated Europe from fascism. This does something to a country’s psyche. “

It looks like it will be a well made movie. The film will debut at the Toronto International Film Festival before its debut in select theaters and on Netflix on October 28. Watch the trailer below and let us know what you think.

by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant

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