Stephen King Expresses Frustration Over HORIZON Box Office Reaction

Stephen King Expresses Frustration Over HORIZON Box Office Reaction

Kevin Costner’S Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 1 It’s a great movie, a movie that anyone who loves movies should go see! I loved the movie, but it’s having a tough time at the box office and some people out there are celebrating the movie’s failure.

Stephen King recently expressed his frustration with the way some people are reacting to Horizon’s box office results and used a word that only exists in German to describe the comment.

He said: “Schadenfreude is ‘taking pleasure in the misfortune of others.’ It perfectly describes a lot of the reactions I’ve read about Costner’s HORIZON. Why in God’s name would anyone wallow in the failure of a film that isn’t a sequel or part of, God save us, the ‘Marvel universe’?”

Yeah, I don’t understand why people do this. Costner put everything on the line to make this epic western saga. He financed the film himself, using his own money, and he also got private investors on board to make the film he wanted to make.

A response on X said of Costner’s film: “He squeezed blood from the rocks to make it. Without public support, that kind of passion for cinema will fade. Soon there will be nothing but Marvel.”

You are right, if people don’t support these original films, the filmmakers won’t be able to make them anymore! As someone who loves films, especially original ones, this makes me sad.

Horizon: An American Saga tells “a multifaceted, 15-year time span of expansion and colonization of the American West before and after the Civil War.

Told through the eyes of many, this epic journey is fraught with danger and intrigue, from the constant assault of the elements to interactions with the indigenous peoples who once lived on the land, to the determination and, in many cases, ruthlessness of those who sought to colonize it.”

If you haven’t seen Horizon but go to the movies and watch it! I plan on going back this weekend. We need to support great movies!

by Joey Fear
Source: Geek Tyrant

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