STAR WARS: AHSOKA Season 2 is rumored to introduce a character that fans have speculated would appear

STAR WARS: AHSOKA Season 2 is rumored to introduce a character that fans have speculated would appear

The first season of Star Wars: Ahsoka create an interesting storyline, specifically tied to the evil character Baylan Skoll.

In the last shot of the series we see Baylan (Stevenson Ray) standing with a trio of giant statues deep within Peridea. Those statues were either the Ones or the Mortis gods.

This is a family of powerful Force users known as The Father, The Son, and The Daughter, who influenced the Force from the mystical realm within it, called Mortis.

These characters were introduced in The Clone Warsand The Daughter is a representation of the Light Side of the Force, while The Son is a representation of the Dark Side. The Father is the balance between.

The brothers began to fight each other, while Father tried to keep peace between them. It is said that the origins of the Force and its users began with Mortis and The Ones.

But they are not the only ones in this world. A young woman has also found her way into their world. She was originally a servant who took care of the needs of the Ones.

Over time she became the Mother devoted to the Father and managed to establish the relationship between Daughter and Son.

Tipster Daniel Richtman recently reported that The Mother will be introduced in season 2. If this is true, and The Mother debuts alongside the Mortis Gods, this could have major implications for Assokaand the general Star Wars the story that goes on.

In the story, the Mother was very persuasive, but because she was mortal, she grew old, and as she grew older, the ageless brothers began to fight again, and neither the Mother nor the Father could stop it.

One day, while The Father, The Daughter, and The Son were fighting, The Mother sneaked away and drank from the Fountain of Power like the Son did, and also dipped into the Pool of Knowledge like the Daughter, which was forbidden to her. When The Father realized this, he pulled her out with the Force, but she had already changed.

She was no longer the Mother, she had been transformed into the twisted, immortal entity Abeloth, the Bringer of Chaos. Abeloth attacked both Son and Daughter, forcing them to bow to her.

“The Father then intervened to save his children and ended up leaving, abandoning Abeloth and abandoning him.

The Daughter and Son later imprisoned Abeloth in The Maw, which they had created. It was after this that The Father moved his family to Mortis to control his siblings and keep the Force in balance.

According to the story, “when the Current of Force was altered and the flow of time changed (the Current went “where it could not be carried”), Abeloth managed to escape.

“Each time it unleashed conflict and destruction, throwing the galaxy into chaos and disorder, thriving on fear, death, and mayhem.”

The Son and Daughter would then return to imprison her. “This cycle would repeat periodically for hundreds of thousands of years.”

It would make sense for Baylan to unleash Ableoth into the universe again. I have no idea if this is what was planned for the character, but as I said before, this would be a great Star Wars history!

by Joey Fear
Source: Geek Tyrant

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