Teaser trailer for crazy new movie VULCANIZADORA – “Experience the graphic reality of death, up close”

Teaser trailer for crazy new movie VULCANIZADORA – “Experience the graphic reality of death, up close”

I have a teaser trailer here for you to watch for a new movie called Vulcanizer, and it looks like it’s going to be a crazy and disturbing journey. The trailer is very tame, but the description and poster suggest something graphic and brutal.

The logline for Vulcanizer reads: “Two friends take a road trip through a Michigan forest, intent on carrying out a disturbing pact. When their plan fails, they face disturbing repercussions at home.”

It explains: “They embark on a disturbing mission in the woods of Michigan. As they trudge through the forest, their intentions become increasingly clear. When their plan is finally revealed, one of the friends must return home to face the surreal and disturbing consequences of their actions, while dealing with the legal and emotional repercussions that will follow.

The poster is accompanied by a disclaimer that says: “Experience the graphic reality of Death, up close.” It also comes with the warning: “WARNING! This feature contains graphic depictions of jaw grinding, self-harm, physical cruelty, human burning, and homemade masks. It should not be seen by children, the elderly or the squeamish.”

It is explained that “the film deftly navigates multiple tones, striking a balance between the bizarre and the emotionally resonant.”

The film comes from the director Joel Potrykus (Monkey, Buzzard, The Alchemist’s Cookbook), who said in a statement via Indiewire: “For me, Vulcanizadora is my most personal and darkest work. It has a strange tone that I’ve been trying to achieve for a long time.

“It’s always great to work with Joshua, and he totally understands the challenge of what we’re all doing, which is supposed to be sad, funny and scary, often finding all three in the same scene.

“Sad, funny, scary. We kept reminding ourselves of this on set and thinking about how the audience would be unbalanced. Ideally, half the audience laughs, the other half grimaces in confusion.

“There are a lot of ideas and fears that I’m putting out there. Fatherhood has opened up all kinds of new and wonderful feelings to me, but it’s also made me see humanity in a very different way.

“Both main characters give voice to some of my darkest thoughts, and I’m not even sure I’m completely comfortable talking about them anymore.” –

The film stars Joel Potrykus, Joshua Burge, Bill VincentAND Only Potrykus. The film does not yet have a release date. The whole idea seems to have a Faces of death vibration.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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