Elle Fanning is in talks to star in the new indie film PREDATOR BADLANDS

Elle Fanning is in talks to star in the next film Badlandswhich is the next standalone Predator film coming from the director of Prey Dan Trachtenberg.

Trachtenberg will direct from a script he collaborated on Patrick Aison. There are no details on the story, but we know that it is not a sequel Prey. That sequel is still in the works and is the star of the film Amber Halftone return is expected.

Another thing we know is that Badlands will revolve around a menacing Predator who is on the hunt. We simply don’t know the time period or setting. Like all of you, I’m curious to find out more details about the story of this film.

It is also believed that the new film will be released in theaters, unlike what was expected Preywhich went straight to Hulu.

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by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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