Funny trailer for Netflix’s EXPLODING KITTENS: God and the devil trapped in cat bodies

Netflix has released a fun new trailer for its crazy animated series Exploding kittensbased on a best-selling card game.

It is explained that Earth sucks, “so God is fired and sent to Earth to reconnect with humanity. The socket? He is trapped in the body of a chubby house cat.

As part of Godcat’s rehabilitation, he “goes to live with a dysfunctional family and tries to solve their problems, but ends up spending a lot of time chasing laser pointers. And to top it off, Godcat’s neighbor, who is also a cat, turns out to be none other than his nemesis, the Antichrist.

“The result is the final struggle between good and evil… except, Godcat is distracted by a pigeon he saw in the yard and Devilcat is busy snoozing on someone’s laptop.”

The series is produced by Mike Giudice, Greg DanielsAND Dustin Davis by Bandera Entertainment. These are the guys who brought us before King of the Hill, The officeAND Beavis & Butt-Head.

The project is the protagonist Tom Ellis (Lucifer) like GodCat and Sasheer Zamata takes on the role of DevilCat. Exploding kittens is scheduled to release on Netflix in 2024. Enjoy the trailer!

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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