Leonardo DiCaprio will produce Howl, a film about an abandoned dog and a young wolf

Leonardo Dicaprio is set to produce a new film titled Yell outand will be supported by an environmental activist Jane Goodall.

The film’s story will center on an abandoned family dog ​​and a young wolf, and will be told from the animals’ point of view.

The story is set against the backdrop of a harsh winter and will follow Harry, “a family dog ​​who is inadvertently left home alone and whose owners die in an accident”.

“Harry goes on a roller-coaster survival journey that brings him into contact with a wolf. The couple must overcome their fear and suspicion of each other and they eventually develop a close bond.

While the story will focus on animals, some human characters will also appear, but casting has yet to be announced.

It is explained that this is not a film about the environment, but the creative team behind it is trying to give viewers a transformative view of the natural world.

E. Elias Merhige (The Shadow of the Vampire) will direct the film, and Christopher Monger (Grandin Temple) wrote the screenplay.

Goodall said in a statement: “Yell out it will not only be an enjoyable and fun experience, but will also help change the perception of the “big bad wolf”, which has been hunted to extinction in many areas of the world and is threatened and endangered in many others”.

He added: “I hope we can make people understand their need to live alongside us and show these sacred creatures for what they are.”

Executive producer Jennifer Davisson said: “Together with our good friend Jane Goodall, we were thrilled to participate in a project like Yell out that will stimulate curiosity and enjoyment of all ages around the world.”

He continued: “We hope this film encourages people to understand and appreciate the inextricable relationship between us humans and the natural wildlife around us.”

Director Merhige said Yell out it’s a story that will ask us to look beyond our human experience: “It’s a bold and truly distinctive project and I’m incredibly excited to start working with our amazing animal protagonists.”

Producer Richard Johns shared: “Their shared love of wolves as a symbol of wilderness and their authentic passion and commitment to telling inspiring and powerful stories about nature, the environment and sustainability will help elevate our film and ensure it is seen by widest possible audience.” .”

Producer Fabrice Lambot shared: “With Promethean we share an ambition to create a once-in-a-lifetime global film and nature event that will appeal to audiences of all ages and we are already exploring some exciting side projects as part of a potential Yell out universe.”

Yell out is now filming and the film is expected to be released in early 2026.

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by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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