Emily Blunt says she ‘absolutely’ wanted to vomit after kissing some of her on-screen co-stars

There are so many movies with romantic elements, even if that’s not the main theme of the movie. We see people kissing on screen all the time, and sometimes it’s more believable than others, but usually you don’t think twice about how the actors felt while filming the scene.

Emily Blunt she’s starred in many films that involved an on-screen kiss, many times alongside famous actors, and as it turns out, not all of her experiences have been great.

During a recent appearance on The Howard Stern Show (via People), Blunt talked about how she had to fake chemistry over the years with some co-stars who she struggled to connect with on set.

Blunt has acted alongside many high profile leading men throughout her career, from Matt Damon (The Regulatory Office) TO Tom Cruise (Edge of tomorrow), Dwayne Johnson (Jungle cruise), Ryan Gosling (The boy of autumn) AND Cilian Murphy (Oppenheimer).

“Did you want to vomit?” Stern asked Blunt to kiss some of her male co-stars during filming. The Oscar-nominated actor responded: “Absolutely. Absolutely. I wouldn’t say it’s some kind of extreme disgust, but I definitely didn’t like some of it.

Blunt declined to name any co-stars with whom she failed to create chemistry, but said, “I’ve had chemistry with people who…I haven’t enjoyed working with.” She continued:

“Sometimes it’s a strange thing. Sometimes you might have a really simple relationship, but that doesn’t translate to the screen. Chemistry is this strange thing. It’s an ethereal thing that you can’t really bottle up and buy or sell. It’s like he’s there or he’s not… It’s just easier when you have a natural relationship with someone.”

Blunt has been acting for so long that at this point he has a formula for how to build chemistry, saying:

“I have to find something I love in everyone. I have to find something… Even if it’s one thing. It could be that they have a good laugh or that I like the way they talk to people. They are polite. I mean, it could be something random. But find something you love about that person or something you love about them as a character and then lean into that.

Emily Blunt is a great actress and she did a great job of making us feel like she was truly the character she played in every project, even if that meant faking pleasure in kissing someone who made her want to throw herself.

by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant

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