All parents should know the pen trick, recommended by this pediatric nurse

The American nurse Sarah Hunstead, who specializes in pediatrics, shared a simple pen trick that could help spot unusual marks on the skin. Explanations.

The American pediatric nurse says so Sarah Hunsteadfounder of CPR Kids, a company specializing in first aid for children, there is a technique for identifying whether a rash is potentially serious.

A pen to check that the infection does not spread

And for good reason: certain signs on the body are not to be taken lightly, they can be worrying because they are potentially triggered by various factors such as stress, tiredness, allergies or side effects related to taking medications.

These skin manifestations can also signal something more serious. Such as scarlet fever, or even measles. Even more worrying is purpura, a skin rash that manifests itself as petechiae, or small red spots, the size of a pinhead, caused by blood leaking from blood capillaries. A consultation with a doctor is therefore essential. But rest assured, skin rashes rarely constitute life-threatening emergencies.

Nurse Sarah Hunstead invented a simple pen trick monitor strange skin phenomena : This simply involves drawing an outline around the rash or suspicious spot with a skin-safe pen. This allows you to monitor any changes to the marking, such as its enlargement. A method reminiscent of the glass test, which allows you to evaluate whether a rash on a newborn is synonymous with a serious infection.

However, simply outlining a mark with a pen is not enough: do not hesitate to consult a doctor or go to the emergency room if the child suffers from other symptoms or if the sign grows and grows.

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