FALLOUT star Walton Goggins shares the story of how he was scared to death during production

Fall in the end it was a really great series and I absolutely love it Walton Goggins’ as the Ghoul, a character who is not pleasant to watch.

The Ghoul is a strange looking character and the makeup effects were really well done! The makeup was so good that one day the actor was scared to death!

During a recent interview with IGN, he talked about the Ghoul’s makeup and what it was like to wear it during the show’s production.

Goggins shared the story of how at one point, while they were filming in Namibia, South Africa, he fell asleep with his makeup on and when he woke up it was a nightmare.

He explained, “There was one time when we were in Namibia, man, I was so exhausted, and I had this stuff on me, and it was these little trailers, whatever they had in Namibia.”

“And I woke up from this very strange nap,” he continued, “and I happened to sleep in front of this mirror, and I woke up thinking, ‘Oh my God! Damnation!’ Like she actually scared me. I was scared to death, is what I’m saying.

This is one of those things you wish would be caught on camera. What a hilarious reaction it would be to see!

Being completely freaked out and unprepared for that view, Goggins obviously freaked out! The actor got the full effect of what everyone else around him saw.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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