Spring cleaning: I tested this “miracle product” that everyone on TikTok is talking about

Presented as miraculous for removing the most stubborn stains, is The Pink Stuff’s pink paste really as effective as we are told? We tested it and give you our opinion.

I admit it: I’m a big victim of TikTok trends. Ever since I created a profile on this social network from consumerist hell, I wanted to start using watercolors, embellish all my furniture, create epoxy resin coasters, buy a middle-class house “in its juice” to renew it from top to bottom or to treat myself to the latest Maison collection by Monoprix.

For obvious reasons (lack of time and money), I could not satisfy all these ephemeral desires, except one, which delights the domestic fairy sleeping in me: to clean with there “miracle cleansing paste” from the British brand The Pink Stuff.

If, like me, your feed is regularly flooded with cleaning videos, you’ve no doubt seen her and her pink Barbie box pass by. Presented as the most effective product ever designed to remove stubborn stains on any surface and even whiten bathroom grout (my ultimate dream), this paste can also boast of being vegan thanks to its composition clean, 99% of natural origin. According to the label, The Pink Stuff paste is made of vegetable soap, baking soda, glycerin and quartz.

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Does The Pink Stuff paste work?

It can be found online, but also in some supermarket chains, in Action stores or even in B&M for a handful of euros, The Pink Stuff pasta exists in two formats: one 500 g, another 850 g.

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For my part, I was tempted by the small format, in case I regret my purchase. I also fell in love with the “Mommy Scrub” sponge, also presented as revolutionary. Anyway, I was ready to scrub.

First good news: Pink Stuff paste smells good without feeling artificial. It leaves a fruity rhubarb scent in its wake. However, I am a little more dubious about its consistency: very hard, it slips under the sponge and is not very practical to apply.

Combined with the Mommy Scrub sponge, I still manage to apply it to the wall of my stainless steel sink, which regularly reveals water and limescale stains despite my regular cleaning. Without finding it incredible, I have to say that it does the job it should. In three passes with the sponge, my sink shines again… But no more than when I clean it with a cheaper product, which I prepare myself with simple white vinegar.

Same observation in my bathroom: my sinks and bathtub are clean, no doubt about it. But I get the same result with my usual special bath product. I also find that the product is not very easy to rinse: the paste sticks to surfaces, even smooth ones.

On the other hand, a sad joint failure in my bathroom. No matter how much I scrub them, they are not whiter than before, just cleaner.

Very effective on pans and other cookware

Where I saw a real benefit in The Pink Stuff paste was for cleaning my pans and other cookware, which were blackened from use. Where baking soda on its own had never shown any real effectiveness, I really saw a difference with The Pink Stuff paste. Thanks to the quartz powder it contains, it restored the shine to my pots in just a few minutes. Next goal: to be able to recover my baking tray, which was also damaged by the heat.


The pink stuff + stove is awesome 🥹

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However, be careful not to use The Pink Stuff paste on fragile surfaces unless you have tried it: it is slightly abrasive and risks lasting scratches.

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