New photos and director of ALIEN: ROMULUS offer insights into the young team that beats a Xenomorph

Director Fede Alvarez’S Alien: Romulus will see the younger crew of a Alien movie but facing the horrific and deadly xenomorph.

The director was looking for a unique twist on his story and one of them is his young crew, inspired by a deleted scene from James Cameron’s film Aliens which showed children running around in a space colony.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Alvarez talked about his film’s young crew and offered some interesting insights.

The director explained: “My first instinct, just to try something different that had never been seen before, was to approach it from the point of view of characters who are not professionals or scientists; They’re not even adults.

“I liked this concept of putting at the center of the story the people who are closest to what the audience is – not that the audience is young, more that the audience is completely virgin to the reality of space.

“When the characters are professionals, they know more than you. But when they’re still in their early twenties, they don’t know how to operate that damn airlock.

It was also revealed that the relationship between these characters is between brothers, and the film’s title references this, “with its invocation of the two mythical brothers who supposedly founded Rome”.

Alvarez goes on to talk about the character’s history, saying, “All of their parents probably worked on the same ship when they were kids, and that’s how they met. There’s a lot of history between them because they’re the only family they have.

He continued: “They really act more like surrogate brothers; some of them even lived under the same roof. A lot of the big themes in the film are about brotherhood and what does that mean? THE Romulus of all of this, and also the bigger plot with Weyland-Yutani, is actually connected to this as well.

Furthermore, this would not be correct Alien movies without a synthetic character on the ship. It’s explained by Star Cailee Spaeny: “In this one, Rain’s brother is a synthetic. He loves him as his brother, but there are difficulties growing up with a synthetic and some of the challenges he faces throughout the film are related.

She added: “It’s really interesting to flip that relationship dynamic; it was really fun to explore having a synthetic as a family member and the questions it raises. David Jonssonwho plays that character, he was really brilliant and really nailed his performance.”

Alien: Romulus follows a “group of young people in a distant world who find themselves confronted with the most terrifying life form in the universe.”

Alvarez’s initial pitch was said to be a “really good story with a lot of characters you’ve never seen before”. The film will also be terrifying as it leans into the horror aspect of the franchise. That’s why I’m excited!

The story is set between Ridley Scott’s Alien and Cameron’s Aliens and the same team he worked on Aliens he returned to work on this film.

The film is also the protagonist Isabela Mercedewhich he also joins Archie Renaux (Shadow and bones), Spike Fearn (After sun) and newcomer Aileen Wu.

Alvarez directs the screenplay he wrote Rodo Sayagues. Ridley Scott he is also a producer of the film along with Michael Pruss (The Boston Strangler) for Scott Free, with Brent O’Connor (High speed train), Elizabeth Cantillon (Persuasion) AND Tom Moran (The king of donuts) as executive producers.

Alien: Romulus will be released in theaters on August 16th.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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