The directors of TALK TO ME are developing a new horror film BRING HER BACK

The directors of the successful horror film Speak with me, Danny AND Michele Filippouhave come aboard a new horror film project set up at the A24.

The original horror film is titled Bring her back and two-time Oscar nominee Sally Hawkins (The shape of water) will star in the film, which will begin production this summer.

Unfortunately, we have no story details to share. They’re keeping these details under wraps for now.

The new film is produced by Samantha Jennings AND Kristina Ceyton from Causeway Films, which also produced Speak with me, The Babadook AND The nightingale.

Speak with me it was a horrifying, well-made horror film with a strong story and some brutal scares. It was very different from other horror films that are made these days, and I’m excited to see that kind of story Bring her back delivery.

The director is also currently developing a sequel Speak with me and are intended to direct a street fighter hit.

Source: deadline

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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