Julia Garner’s ROSEMARY’S BABY prequel APARTMENT 7A is coming to Paramount+ this fall

Paramount+ is producing a Rosemary’s baby titled prequel Apartment 7Awhat stars Giulia Garnerand it was announced that it will be released this fall before Halloween.

Romano PolanskiThe 1968 horror classic is based on the chilling psychological horror novel written by Ira Levin in 1967. The story revolves around Rosemary Woodhouse, a young married woman who, along with her struggling actor husband Guy, moves into a gothic apartment building in New York City.

When Rosemary becomes pregnant, she becomes increasingly paranoid about the intentions of her eccentric and overly intrusive neighbors. As disturbing events unfold, she suspects they are part of a satanic cult with malevolent plans for her unborn child.

Apartment 7A is set in 1965 New York and tells the story “before the legendary horror classic Rosemary’s babyexploring what happened in the apartment before Rosemary moved out.

“When a struggling young dancer suffers a devastating injury, she finds herself drawn into dark forces when a peculiar, well-connected older couple promise her a chance at fame.”

Jeff Grossman, executive vice president of programming at Paramount+, said in a statement: “’Apartment 7A’ is the perfect way to kick off the Halloween season. Director Natalie Erika James and the prodigious creative team have created a chilling and intelligent new chapter in the genre.

The film is also the protagonist Dianne Wiest (Mayor of Kingtown), Jim Sturgess (Across the universe) AND Kevin McNally (Pirates of the Caribbean).

Supporting cast members include Marli Siu (Everything I know about love), Andrea Buchan (All the money in the world), Rosy McEwen (Blue jeans) AND Kobna Holdbrook-Smith (Wonka).

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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