Hollywood insiders vent their frustrations with Dwayne Johnson’s lack of work ethic and how he’s always ridiculously late

According to a report by The Wrap, Dwayne Johnson was the cause of many problems during the filming of his Christmas movie Red One. The production was apparently a disaster as it turned into a runaway $250 million production.

The reason for this was Johnson’s lack of work ethic. It is explained that the production problems ranged from “chronic delay and lack of professionalism on set to the inexperience of the producers”.

The report states: “According to more than a dozen insiders directly involved in the project, the Red One the production was a perfect storm of problems compounded by the inexperience of the film’s lead producer Hiram Garcia and feature and production executives at Amazon MGM Giulia Rapaport AND Glenn Gainorwho are supervising the project.”

Insiders shared that Johnson “showed up eight hours late to set the film, forcing the crew to shoot around him on some days. In previous films, Johnson had taken to peeing in a water bottle to save time, upsetting crew members.”

He explains: “On set, away from his trailer, if he needs to pee he doesn’t go to the public bathroom. He pees in a Voss water bottle and his team or a personal assistant has to dispose of it.”

Damn it, Johnson! As you might imagine, a spokesperson for Amazon MGM denies there were any problems and said: “Dwayne Johnson and Seven Bucks have been incredible partners on Red One– a film that audiences of all ages will love this holiday season.

“Our testing has been very intense – the reaction from CinemaCon speaks for itself – and we couldn’t have done it without Dwayne’s constant work and support. Any news that implies we’ve reached this point with him showing up seven to eight hours late to set is both ridiculous and false.

Regardless of this claim, many industry insiders say, Johnson, who considers himself “the hardest worker in the room,” has developed “a reputation in the industry for his tardiness and lack of professionalism on set.”

An insider who worked Red One said, “The only thing Dwayne was consistent at was being chronically late.” Apparently, Johnson also has trouble being on time with all of his wrestling stuff.

On the set of Red OneJohnson’s model of delay proved more damaging.

The report explains that Johnson was late an average of seven to eight hours a day and missed several full days of production, which ballooned the budget.

One insider revealed: “It was a damn disaster,” and another added: “Dwayne really doesn’t care.”

Apparently Johnson’s delay is nothing new. A producer who visited the HBO set Dancers shared his experience with Johnson: “They rent a location where they can shoot as many other actors as possible while they wait for him to decide whether to come to the set.”

He added: “He was regularly three or four hours late setting up. Keeping more than 100 crew members waiting for no reason.” According to a third insider, in March 2017 Johnson was six hours late Dancers set to.

There are also reports of Johnson arriving ridiculously late to filming Fury, as one insider said: “Dwayne’s call times are never, ever posted on the call sheet. It’s because one of the actors is in Fury he kept a log of how late DJ had to play each day.

An insider says Johnson’s lateness issues stem from the actor’s refusal to work a full day of filming, despite factoring in his three hours of daily training.

The studio insider shared, “It’s his absolute refusal to work more than four or five hours a day,” and another said that, “It’s a control thing.”

This appears to be why Johnson and vin Diesel we came into conflict with each other. An inside source previously said: “Vin has been having issues with The Rock because The Rock keeps showing up late to production. Sometimes it doesn’t show up at all and delays production.

It does not end here! Ryan Reynolds had problems with Johnson while filming the Netflix action film Red warning. According to inside sources, Reynolds was “enraged after waiting five hours for Johnson because they had had a ‘huge argument’.”

After that argument, Johnson walked off the set. Johnson and Reynolds apparently didn’t speak for years until they recently patched things up.

The list goes on as Johnson is also accused of using budgets from films he worked on for his personal production company to shoot promotional material for the XFL and his Teremana liquor brand.

The report also talks about Hiram Garciaand how crazy it is that he went from making Johnson’s meals and protein shakes to running his own production company Seven Bucks.

An insider said: “Hiram has gone from making Dwayne’s protein shakes to running his own company. If Vincenzo [from Entourage] I tried to give Turtle a real job, Hiram Garcia is what you get as a result.

Apparently, Garcia has no idea what the hell is going on with the projects he’s working on and no idea how to produce them.

It is explained: “The only thing I ever knew was how to work for Dwayne. Every time he found himself in a situation where his responsibilities extended beyond those of the DJ, he collapsed.

Hollywood insiders are obviously fed up with Johnson and working with him, and now have no problem calling him out on his bullshit.

It’s pretty crazy reading all this because Johnson has always talked about how he’s one of the hardest-working actors in Hollywood. But after reading this, it seems like people hate working with him because of his lack of work ethic.

What are your thoughts on all this?

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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