Michael B. Jordan is developing a new action thriller titled T-MINUS with the writers of THE FALL GUY and WATCHMEN

Michael B. Jordan is producing a new action thriller through his Outlier Society production titled T-minus.

The film is set at Amazon MGM Studios and the screenplay was co-written The boy of autumn‘S Drew Pearce AND Guardians AND Station eleven scribe Nick Cuse.

The film is said to be “an action thriller along the lines of Top Gun meet Back to the Futurewith a touch of Philip K. Dick” and think the project has “great sprawling potential.”

T-minus will be adapted by Philip K. Dick science fiction story from 1974 Something for us Tempunauts. “In that story, the tempunauts, or time travelers from the United States, are sent a few days into the future instead of a century as expected.

“They learn that returning from the future was fatal for them. They are also trapped in a closed time loop and the group decides whether to escape.”

This could make for a pretty wild action thriller, and I imagine Jordan will try to star in it as well, but that’s not mentioned in the report.

Source: deadline

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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