Chris Evans is rumored to have officially signed on to return to the MCU as Captain America

Five years ago this week, we saw the release of Avengers: Endgamewhich concluded the plot of Chris EvansIt’s Steve Rogers, the Captain America we’ve all come to know and love throughout the first three phases of the MCU, the entire Infinity Saga.

Rogers decided to pass the shield baton to Cap so he could return to the 1940s to live with his love, Peggy (Hayley Atwell), and presumably lived happily ever after.

We saw him at an older age in the movie, so it seems like things probably worked out, but we never knew exactly how his life went from one point to the next, and some fans were curious.

In the last five years we have never gotten a concrete answer, but we may soon get one. According to an indiscretion coming from an industry scoop @MyTimeToShineH (via ComicBook), Chris Evans has finally agreed to reprise the role Avengers: Secret Wars.

We don’t know if it will also appear in the Untitled Avengers 5but if he actually came back, it would definitely be a possibility.

Before then, it’s also rumored that we’ll see the actor back in the MCU as soon as this summer, if he shows up. Deadpool and Wolverinebut like the Human Torch.

Last November, Evans was asked about rumors that he was gearing up to play Captain America and said, “You know, I see that news all the time, too, and it’s news to me.

“I think every couple of months someone says they’re going to get Downey, and [Chris] Hemsworth and Scarlett [Johansson], and everyone is coming back! Nobody told me about it. And look, I would never say never, but I’m very protective. It’s a very precious role for me, so it should be perfect.”

Maybe now is just the right time… What do you think?

by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant

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