Zack Snyder is still pushing for his definitive version of SUCKER PUNCH and suggests fans start a campaign

Zack Snyder I would really love to develop its final version sucker Punch for fans to experience. He’s talked a lot about this version of the film in the past, and now he’s suggesting fans campaign for The Snyder Cut of Sucker Punch.

During an interview with Empire, the director said: “The only film I would change is sucker Punch because it was never finished properly. Even the director’s cut isn’t quite the right cut. It’s actually just an extended version. If I had the chance, I would fix that movie.”

He continues: “I have the footage already shot: they just have to let me edit it. We ask every now and then. We have to ask again. I think there has to be a window where no one has the film.”

As for fan involvement, Snyder said, “If they want to start a campaign, that’s fine.” I mean, it worked for Justice League, but is Sucker Punch’s fan base big enough to make any difference? Are there many fans who want to see the Snyder Cut of Sucker Punch?

This movie was made so long ago that it feels like it’s time to move on. But Snyder obviously wants people to see his original vision for that film.

Speaking previously about the finale, Snyder said: “I never got to do the Director’s Cut. I still intend to do it at some point.”

He continued: “But in the original ending, when Babydoll is in the chair in the basement with Blue – she’s already been lobotomized – when the cop shines the light on her, the set breaks and she gets up and sings a song on stage.”

The film ends with a lobotomy, but implies that Babydoll also received justice for the abuse she suffered from her stepfather. Snyder went on to say that the studios thought the original ending was too strange.

Snyder explained: “It’s strangely not upbeat and upbeat at the same time. That’s pretty much the tone it had at the end. We tested it and the studio thought it was too weird, so we changed it. You’ll see.” . at some point, I’m sure.”

sucker Punch follows a young woman named Babydoll who is institutionalized by her abusive stepfather after her sister’s death. While she is locked up in a mental institution, she retreats into an imaginative and fantastic world to escape her sad reality.

In this alternate reality, Babydoll and four other patients become warriors who must retrieve five objects to help them free themselves before Babydoll is lobotomized.

The director previously revealed, “I’m working with Warner Bros. to try to find a window to go back in. Even though we made an extended cut, it’s not the fully realized movie.”

He also recently talked about how sucker Punch it is a misunderstood film of “pure satire”. I have no idea if Snyder will ever have the opportunity to share his definitive version of Sucker Punch, but is this something any of you are interested in watching?

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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