Aaron Taylor-Johnson Talks Playing a Marvel Character in KRAVEN THE HUNTER and Addresses 007 Rumors

Aaron Taylor-Johnson has made his mark in the world of action films with his Kick ass movie, Principle, The king’s man, High speed trainand only this year, protagonist Autumn boy AND Kraven the Hunter for Marvel. Taylor-Johnson’s foray into the MCU was long overdue, and her film took a while to come to fruition, but it’s finally on track, and she talked about the experience of immersing herself in this world in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, where he said of the character Kraven:

“I think there was something unique about this character and something grounded. We’ve all had enough of seeing certain studio films, a certain type of pop culture… where they churn out things that dilute the desire to go to the cinema. I wouldn’t have taken on the project if I felt there wasn’t something to bring to life with this character.”

He went on to add:

“Tackling a Sony/Marvel film is a completely different challenge. There is the story, the character, the role; that’s one thing. But then you also enter a world where you’re dealing with a studio and a franchise – or possible franchises, although let’s not get ahead of ourselves. So, in a way, they’re rolling the dice on me, which is a lovely thing. But you have to please the studio, please the audience and do what is dignified for you as an actor. I find this extremely challenging.

He was also asked about the 007 rumors that have all but been confirmed, saying he will take on the role of James Bond.

“I can really only talk about what I’m going to show and tell. So, The Fall Guy, Nosferatu, Kraven the Hunter. I’m here to promote them.

He didn’t let anything slip, but continued to talk about his career, saying:

“I don’t feel the need to have a future mapped out for me. I feel like: whatever is happening to me, I can fucking do better. It’s the best thing when sometimes you completely lose all inhibitions and feel like you’re dangling there, and the director put a finger on the back of your shirt, so you don’t fall. It’s about chasing that feeling. There is nothing quite as exhilarating.”

Kraven the Hunter will be released in theaters on August 30, 2024. Stay tuned for more updates on his potential role as 007.

by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant

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