Ryan Reynolds had a proposal for DEADPOOL 2 that the studio immediately rejected and called “The Dumbest Thing Ever”

Ryan Reynolds hit the world of comic book movies on the head with his raucous and wild adaptation of Dead Pool in 2016. Audiences devoured it and were hungry for more, and the studio wasn’t about to say no to a sure thing, so a second film was quickly greenlit. But there were a lot of ideas for the film and a lot of them were discarded before we got to the story we ended up with.

In the early stages of development, actor Kyle Chandler he was supposed to play the time-traveling badass Cable (that role ultimately went to him Josh Brolin). Furthermore, the character of Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) was supposed to become a superhero called Copycat, and there was supposed to be a cameo by the Thing, a Fantastic Four character. Eventually those ideas were all abandoned.

One major original plot point was proposed by Reynolds himself, and was promptly rejected by the studio, who criticized it for being so incredibly stupid. In a 2018 interview on Tonight’s show with Jimmy FallonReynolds explained:

“At the time, we were – well, my first pitch to the studio wasn’t very well received. I told them that Deadpool – this is for the sequel – that Deadpool would… the whole story of the movie would be Deadpool taking us he was going to try to steal the big red chair on ‘The Voice.’ And they were like, ‘No. This is the stupidest thing ever. So no.'”

It is funny. I honestly don’t hate the idea. The stakes are pretty low for the main plot of a superhero movie, but Deadpool can pull off the ridiculous and I could take it. I can’t wait to see what happens Deadpool and Wolverine will enter the third film, out July 26.

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by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant

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