MADAME WEB Flop’s Sydney Sweeney deadpans: ‘I just got hired as an actress in it, so I was right along for the ride’

It has been unanimously decided by movie fans around the world that Sony Mrs. Web was among the worst Spider-Verse films made by the studio, right there Morbius. These two films made the ridiculous Poison the franchise looks decent, which is just silly, but it’s what Sony gave us to work with.

As for the stars of Mrs. Web, Dakota Johnson he has already spoken out, saying he will never make a film like this again, as the end result was not the film he initially signed up for.

Now, his co-star Sydney Sweeneywho recently saw great success at the box office for his romantic comedy Anyone but youShe also talks about her experience making the superhero movie, but seems much less troubled by the flop, telling the Los Angeles Times:

“I just got hired as an actress, so I was ready for whatever was going to happen.”

Sweeney played Julia Cornwall in the film, an iteration of Spider-Woman. The comic book film has grossed $42 million at the domestic box office so far, and its worldwide gross remains under $100 million. Critics have also panned the film (it boasts a 12% score on Rotten Tomatoes out of 225 reviews). The film became such a punching bag that Sweeney herself joked about it Saturday night live (“You definitely didn’t see me Mrs. Web”, he joked), while Jimmy Kimmel even had a Mrs. Web dig into his Oscar monologue.

It’s a shame that Sony wasted all that time, money, and talent on such a crappy film, but the actors involved will have no problem moving forward, as they are established, talented, and well-received. Sweeney’s next film, the religious psychological horror thriller Immaculatewill be released in theaters on March 22 with Neon.

via: Variety

by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant

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