Marilyn Monroe’s AI-generated chatbot can have extended conversations with ‘realistic emotions and expressions’

62 years after Marilyn Monroe’s passing, she has been brought back to life as a “hyperreal” digital avatar generated by artificial intelligence. This madness is called Digital Marilyn and was created by the company Soul Machines. They claim that people will be able to engage in conversation with the late actress and that she will be able to answer questions “in Marilyn’s signature voice and style.”

It is further explained that the interactive AI experience “shares anecdotes and even provides personalized greetings, creating an unforgettable experience for Marilyn fans.” The Marilyn chatbot will allow you to interact “in real time using advanced natural language processing, deep learning and GPT 3.5.”

Soul Machine’s proprietary camera and microphone technology claims that Digital Marilyn will be able to read users’ emotions and respond accordingly. The company explained: “Every interaction is unique. Digital Marilyn analyzes your preferences and tailors her responses accordingly, fostering a genuine connection that resonates with you on an individual level.

The average length of a conversation that AI will have with people is about 20 minutes on average. They also reveal that AI capabilities allow Digital Marilyn “to engage in natural, fluid dialogue, adapting to your questions and interests in real time… By mimicking the human nervous system, this technology allows Digital Marilyn to respond with realistic emotions and nuanced expressions, creating a deeply personal and memorable experience.”

Soul Machines will unveil Digital Marilyn during an invitation-only event at SXSW in Austin on Friday, March 8. According to Greg Cross, CEO and co-founder of Soul Machines, the purpose of this project is aimed at demonstrating “the transformative power of AI in connecting brands and consumers”.

Cross continued, “Digital Marilyn showcases our biological AI, bringing an iconic personality to life through engaging dialogue and emotional intelligence. It’s more than nostalgia; is a look at the future of immersive interactions.

Dana Carpenter, executive vice president of entertainment at Authentic, said in a statement: “Marilyn Monroe remains a timeless icon, inspiring generations with her talent, charisma and lasting legacy. We are thrilled to partner with Soul Machines, whose technology cutting-edge is the perfect combination to bring Marilyn to life in the age of artificial intelligence. While Marilyn Monroe can never be replaced or duplicated, Digital Marilyn opens up exciting possibilities for multiple generations of fans to interact with her in a completely new way , fostering a deeper connection and appreciation for his enduring spirit and the mark he left on the world.

Even though many people are against this type of technology and use it in this way, artificial intelligence is the future and there is no way to stop it. Things will get crazier and crazier until he ends up taking over the world.

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by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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