AMC Theaters announces three new Nicole Kidman commercials debuting this week

AMC Theaters has announced that they will be releasing three new ones Nicole Kidman announcements in its theaters this week. On March 1, a new 30-second version of the “We Make Movies Better” commercial will debut in AMC theaters nationwide. Then, in the coming months, the theater chain will rotate two more new versions of the pre-show commercial.

My local theater is an AMC and every time I go to the movies, the audience gets really invested in that original commercial. Everyone in the theaters quotes the damn thing every time it comes on, and the audience cheers and claps at the end. It’s truly an experience. “Somehow, heartbreak feels good in a place like this.” I’m sure fans will be happy to see some new ads!

AMC shared in a statement, “The campaign’s core theme remains the same: With cutting-edge technology, luxury amenities, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, AMC Theaters is the ultimate destination for moviegoers seeking unparalleled moviegoing experiences . Quite simply, we make films better.”

AMC CEO Adam Aron said, “We will be showing three different reels in rotation starting March 1,” Aron shared. “You will see a different reel right before the movie starts.”

Billy Ray (Flight plan, The Hunger Games, Captain PhillipsAND Richard Jewell), the writer of the original spot, had previously spoken about being asked to write subsequent spots, saying, “I got a text from the president of AMC about a month ago asking if I would write the next one, and sure enough, the answer is yes, it’s already written, I’m very, very excited about it… All I can tell you is that we’re not stupid enough to disprove what we’ve already done and try to improve it. So, it’s a very, very different approach that It’s a nod to what we’ve already adopted.”

Ray also revealed that Kidman was the one who asked him to write the first ad, saying, “When Nicole first asked me to do it, I was just doing it as a favor. I said I’d only do it for free because” I’m a fan of his and a friend of his. My agent said, “No, that’s not what’s happening here. You need to get paid for this.” And it turns out my agent was right because he had real value.”

Ray previously spoke about writing the iconic AMC commercial, saying, “I was trying to think, ‘What do I care about the experience of going to the movies?’ And: “Why is it so important for people to listen to stories with 1,000 other strangers?” And what occurred to me is that there are some cathartic experiences that movies provide us. We see our characters go through hell and we can cry about it. There’s something very cleansing about it because it feels bad. But it doesn’t feel like what they feel. They’re going through feelings for us. They’re going through devastation for us. And so, our pain feels good in a place like that.

Are you excited to see the new Nicole Kidman AMC Theaters movie commercials!?

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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