Kurt Russell offers his thoughts on the ending of THE THING and who is hosting the alien

Kurt Russell recently spoke with GQ and during that conversation the actor shared his thoughts on the finale Giovanni Carpenter’S The thing and which survivor is the host at the end of the film. This has been an ongoing debate with fans over the years. Carpenter says he’s the only one who knows who the Thing is, but he’s the cinematographer Dean Cundey stated that the answer fans are looking for is in the eyes of the last two characters left alive. As for what Russell thinks, he says:

“John was never quite satisfied with the last scene. The main thing about him was not wanting to take the audience around for two hours and bring them [them] go back to the starting point. When you make a film, you don’t know what you’re going to get. In general you know what you have, but you don’t know exactly how all this will go and what will come of it. And of course John almost always did it because you know: you know, he’s different from most guys.

Russell continued to talk about the film’s final scene:

“But the last scene, the one we talked about a lot, we tried slightly different versions: ‘What do you think?’ … you go back and forth.’I know you don’t want to go back to square one: It’s kind of what it is. We don’t even know if we’re real. We don’t even know.” We don’t know, we don’t know.”

The actor loves the mystery of the ending and lets the audience decide:

“I think the audience can understand that. I think that’s what makes The Thing great, is that you don’t know. What if it had already happened? It’s you? How do you know? And all of that led to what was the last line I said, I think it’s just like, ‘Why don’t we sit here for a while, see what happens?’ Self [the two characters] we could find a way to kill each other at exactly the same time, I think maybe that’s the next step. That, to me, was perhaps John at his absolute peak as a director. It’s a really good movie.

I’ve always liked the mystery of the ending and not knowing it definitively. But I always thought Russell’s MacReady was the new host. What did you think of the ending of The Thing?

Check out the video below, where Russell also shares his thoughts Escape from New York, Guardians of the Galaxyhis Quentin Tarantino movie roles and more.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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