HALO star Pablo Schreiber talks about a huge mistake in the series that he fought against

Halo star of the series Pablo Schreiber recently spoke out about the series and a “huge mistake” he believes was made. That mistake was the creative team’s decision to include a Master Chief sex scene in the show’s first season between John and human pact spy Makee. What made it even stranger was the fact that Cortana was watching them the whole time!

This is a mistake that he actually fought off during a battle, but it was a battle that he ultimately lost. While speaking to SFX, the actor shared:

“The decision to make the relationship between Makee and John a romantic one was a huge mistake. I felt it was a huge mistake at the time and I argued and fought against it. But I am who I am. I don’t write the scripts. I’m just giving my opinion. It hasn’t been heard.”

There are so many creative decisions made with this series that turned out to be mistakes! This was just one of them. Another thing that fans of the game had issues with was Master Chief’s removal of his helmet. This was a decision that Schreiber had no problem with, obviously because the actor was able to show his face. He said in a previous interview:

“One thing I learned very early on is that there are as many different opinions in the Halo universe as there are Halo fans. So, obviously, you’re not going to be able to please everyone. But what I would say is that we’re personalizing an experience of entertainment adapted to the medium for which it is intended.”

“When you play a first-person shooter, the way a character is developed is very different than when you make long-form television. To go on this journey with your protagonist, you won’t be able to take the audience with you in a long-form story without having access to a character’s face, which tells you how they feel, how they think about everything. That access to a character’s emotional life, over time, is what makes you empathize and connect with a character.”

“I’m sorry, but it’s the only choice for long-form storytelling on television. What I would say to anyone who disagrees with this, is that I totally respect that opinion. But it’s a pretty simple place to start when we’re talking about making a quality television show.”

This can be and has been debated. However, a good storyteller and writer could make it work. Regardless of how much the show deviated from the source material, people still tuned in to watch it and it was renewed for a second season. You can watch the trailer here.

The official description for season two reads: “Master Chief John-117 leads his team of elite Spartans against the alien threat known as the Covenant. In the wake of a shocking event on a desolate planet, John can’t shake the feeling that his war is about to change and risks everything to prove what no one else will believe: that the Covenant are preparing to attack the world’s greatest stronghold. of humanity. With the galaxy on the brink, John embarks on a journey to find the key to humanity’s salvation, or extinction: the Halo.”

The series comes from the showrunner David Vienna and executive producer Kiki Wolfkill. The second season is also produced by Wiener Steven Spielberg, Darryl Frank AND Justin Falvey for Amblin television.

The second season will premiere on February 8, 2024, with the first two episodes of the season.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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