Details leaked by ECHO and storyboard art reveal all the subplots cut from the show

From Marvel Echo the series went through many changes before being released as a five-episode series on Disney+. The series would have been very different from the version we saw and many details about the original plans were revealed, including how at one point Maya Lopez’s powers would have been presented in a very different way.

When the series was remodeled, a lot was eliminated and there were a good amount of reshoots, and at the end of the overhaul, an entire episode ended up being cut from the series.

This new information comes from Scooper @CanWeGetToastwho not only shared more details about the deleted scenes, but Ed Laroche also shared some storyboard drawings. Details include a heavy focus on New York City crime gangs and the Kingpin’s successor, Irina, who was perhaps a new take on Iron Man villain Irina Tarasova.

It was revealed that there was also a subplot about Biscuit’s missing dog and a larger focus on Maya Lopez’s relationship with her cousin Bonnie.

It is also explained that flashbacks to Echo’s Choctaw ancestors would be sprinkled throughout the series instead of being used as cold opens. On top of that, Maya’s powers were originally supposed to emerge gradually rather than all at once in the finale, which would have made a lot more sense.

The storyboard art confirms some of this and also reveals that Maya Lopez would sport various facial tattoos throughout the series and gain some powers that would allow her to predict her opponent’s fighting moves. This is a power in line with the comic book version of the character.

As we shared earlierEcho it was originally going to end with Maya returning to New York, which set the stage for her to take on a role Daredevil: Born Again.

While I enjoyed Echo, there are a few things about this earlier version of the series that could have improved it. You can read all the details below and let us know what you think!

All Cut Plot Points from Echo (by CWGST)
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by Joey Paur
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