Pixar is developing another CARS project for Disney

Looks like Pixar isn’t done with Automobiles franchise as it has been confirmed that a new Automobiles the project is in development for Disney. This news was revealed by Pixar’s creative director Jay Wardwho was recently interviewed at the 2023 Porsche Rennsport Reunion Event by The Late Brake Show.

During their conversation, Ward was asked if more could be done Automobiles projects and admitted that they were working on something. But that something won’t be released anytime soon. It will take a couple of years. Ward explained:

“There’s more Cars stuff in the works, I can’t say much more than that yet. Cars has a life that will go on. I’m working on some really fun projects right now that you’ll see in a couple of years. It takes a while. of time to do them.”

When talking about the franchise, Ward and Pixar didn’t realize how big the franchise would become. He attributes the film’s popularity to the home video of the time and said:

“He’s gotten a lot bigger than we expected. He loves it and every day a new kid sees him for the first time, which we didn’t expect. What’s interesting is that Cars came out in 2006 and that’s when kids DVDs were quite popular. It was popular in theaters when it came out, but it became more and more popular. Throughout the end of the year and into the next year, more and more people saw it.

I liked the first Cars movie that Pixar made, but I didn’t really like the sequels. Those just weren’t as good as the original and while Pixar will say the sequels weren’t made to make money, they absolutely were. Hopefully, whatever they’re planning for next will actually reach the bar set by the original film.

What do you think about Pixar making more of this? Automobiles movie? I just wish they would do something more original and break out of the mold they’ve been in all these years. It’s time for Pixar to evolve and start trying new things.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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