A fan beautifully remakes ZELDA 2: THE ADVENTURE OF LINK

A fan beautifully remakes ZELDA 2: THE ADVENTURE OF LINK

A Legend of Zelda fan gave new life to the classic Nintendo title, Zelda 2: Link’s Journey. HoverBat, the creative mind behind this ambitious project, has also enriched it with a series of new features and updates that make it a must-play game for long-time fans and newcomers alike.

Zelda 2: Enhanced PC Edition has been making waves online, attracting the attention of Zelda enthusiasts. HoverBat, the mastermind behind the game, originally shared his creation on Reddit a couple of years ago. In their post, HoverBat explained their deep connection to the original Nintendo title and the motivation behind the fan game.

Feeling that the original Zelda 2 was “devoid of content”, HoverBat embarked on a mission to enrich the gaming experience. Using the GameMaker engine and Tiled level editor, they have meticulously crafted a “direct translation” of the game, retaining the essence of the original’s physics, combat and AI and introducing a host of new features.

HoverBat’s dedication to improving the game is evident in all the new features introduced. Among the highlights are a modern save system, a dungeon map showing the rooms visited, an overworld map and new HUD elements. These additions contribute to a more engaging and user-friendly experience for players.

Quality of life changes abound in this enhanced edition. Players will appreciate that Link retains 25% of his experience points after the game ends, optional flashing background, less frequent beeps when HP is low, faster dialogue speed, and more. These improvements not only pay homage to the original, but improve the overall gameplay for a contemporary audience.

While HoverBat has introduced numerous improvements, it has taken care to preserve the core mechanics and logic of Zelda 2. Using the game’s original assembly code, the fan remake ensures that the nostalgic charm of the ’80s classic remains intact.

HoverBat also admits to having modified some of the original mechanics and logic for quality of life reasons or to fix bugs from the original version. This delicate balance between preserving the essence of the game and introducing modern conveniences demonstrates HoverBat’s thoughtful approach to game design.

For those curious about the improvements, YouTuber Vinesauce has provided a playthrough, showing off the revamped Zelda 2 in all its glory. Enjoy!

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by Joey Paur
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