The madness of the year 2000 is explored in the trailer for the new HBO documentary TIME BOMB Y2K

The madness of the year 2000 is explored in the trailer for the new HBO documentary TIME BOMB Y2K

HBO has released the trailer for a documentary titled Y2K time bomb, which explores the madness and hysteria surrounding Y2K. The documentary is described as immersive and will include very rare archival material, including home videos and never-before-seen footage. The film features first-hand accounts from computer experts, survivors, scholars, militia groups, conservative Christians and pop. icons grappling with a world that could fall into chaos.

I remember the panic unleashed by the year 2000 and I also knew at the time that it was all bullshit. There was so much panic spreading for no reason. President Clinton even invested billions of dollars and appointed a “Y2K Czar” in 1998 to address “the problem.” The media caused an uproar which resulted in people stocking up on weapons, ammo and supplies, people were paralyzed with fear and some went off the grid entirely because of it.

In the end… nothing happened. But the craziness of the whole thing was off the charts. I remember thinking how damn crazy people were acting at the time. Humans are damn strange.

The document’s description reads: “With the year 2000 now in the rearview mirror and with new technological threats emerging daily, Time Bomb Y2K raises concerns about the digital infrastructure we have created and takes a prophetic and comical look at our reliance on systems complex and vulnerable”. to future problems. The year 2000 forced us to consider what would happen if computers around the world suddenly stopped working. Even worse, what if this failure led to a nuclear catastrophe? In this context, the world has accepted the challenge and shown unprecedented cooperation to avoid disaster. “

He goes on to say, “As the clock counted down to the dawn of the 21st century, the world braced for the greatest potential technological disaster to ever threaten humanity. The problem is comically simple but incredibly complex: a bug that could cause computers to misinterpret the year 2000 as 1900, wreaking havoc across the globe as electronic systems fail. Made entirely through archival footage, the HBO documentary Time Bomb Y2K is a prescient and often funny tale about the power and vulnerabilities of technology. Re-evaluating both the cooperative efforts and mass hysteria surrounding this millennium milestone, Time Bomb Y2K explores how modern life has been radically transformed by the digital revolution.”

Y2K time bomb is directed by Brian Becker and Marley McDonald. HBO will make its debut Y2K time bomb on Max starting December 30, 2023.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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