Filming for the fifth and final season of STRANGER THINGS will begin in early January

The fifth and final season of Stranger things will finally go into production next month, after a long hiatus due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes that have been going on for several months this year. The fourth season of the series was postponed due to the pandemic, so the “kids” of the series are now young adults and everyone is anxious to see how the hit series will end. The Duffer Brothers they’ve done a great job with the show and have teased knowing the full arc of the series from the beginning, so it’ll be really satisfying to see what they have in store to wrap up the story.

Deadline reports that things are still in flux, but multiple sources say Monday, January 8th is an expected start date, also mentioning January 5th. Cast members are believed to already be in Atlanta, where Stranger Things films, for prep work, with readings also planned for the next two weeks before cameras start rolling in the new year.

Matt and Ross Duffer told Deadline last year that one of the main goals of the final season is to “stick the landing.”

“The characters will already be in action, they will already have a goal and a drive, and I think that will cut out at least a couple of hours and make this season really different. I’m sure the conclusion will be much longer. It’s going to be a ‘The Return of the King’ type movie with, like, eight endings.”

In a September interview with Total Film magazine, executive producer/director Shawn Levy made fun of a great show. “It’s important, important cinematic storytelling that happens to be called a TV series,” she said. “Stranger things 5 is as big as any of the bigger movies we see.

We’ll let you know about the final season as it unfolds.

by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant

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