TERMINATOR SALVATION Director McG talks about what went wrong with the film and its alternate ending

Salvation of the Terminator in the end it was a big disappointment. Even though she had a great cast Sam Worthington, Cristiano BallaAND Anton Yelchin, the film, which was supposed to reboot the franchise, failed in its task. It’s a shame because this actually could have been a fantastic film if there had been a strong creative team. It just didn’t work with audiences and fans.

During an interview with CB, the director of the film, McG, talked about what he thought went wrong in the film and also revealed an alternate ending. He said:

“We tried hard. For that, we brought in Jonah Nolan to write it, there was a writers’ strike at the time. Bringing in Christian Bale, you can’t get much higher than that. We definitely gave it everything we had. a lot of people like that movie, it didn’t do exactly what I hoped and I’ve been living with that hurt for a long time.”

As for the alternate ending, he said, “There’s a cut out there with a completely different ending, I can’t share it with the world yet. It’s beyond dark.”

It’s so ridiculous to me when filmmakers say they can share certain things about movies long after the movie comes out.

Speaking previously about the alternate ending, the director said: “I think the movie has started to age better. And there’s a different cut – I have my own cut of that movie and there are people online talking about wanting to see that cut “. . I think I understood many things well.”

He added: “I think I have to take the blame for not quite hitting the landing on the final expression of that film and, who knows, maybe the cut I hid of that film is the answer. It’s darker! I don’t know , that’s for the fans to say.”

I don’t think this darker alternate cut will be better than the movie that came out, and I don’t think fans will ever ask for the McG cut of Salvation of the Terminatorso he might as well just spill the beans on the film’s original ending.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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