Matthew Vaughn Suggests Marvel Studios “Make Fewer Movies and Focus on Making Them Great”

Matthew Vaughn is no stranger to the superhero genre as a director so wonderful And X-Men: First Class and has a suggestion for Marvel Studios and DC as “superhero fatigue” continues to be a topic of conversation.

“I think at least DC is down; I think James Gunn and [Peter Safran] You have a good chance of making it, and hopefully… [Kevin] “Feige will go back to making fewer, fewer films and focus on making them great,” Vaughn said in an interview with Screen ridge.

Vaughn also believes that superhero films rely too much on CGI, saying it has also “messed everything up because it feels like you’re watching a video game.”

“You are not one of the characters.” Aside from the Guardians, I still think Groot and the Raccoon are bloody brilliant pieces, and I feel so much for them. So I will be curious,” he added.

Vaughn was surprised by the box office results The Lightning which he “really enjoyed” when it was released earlier this year, and he wonders if it was superhero fatigue.

“What really shocked me was that I actually enjoyed it The LightningVaughn said. “I thought it was a really good film, right? And it died at the box office, right? And I thought, wait, wait a minute, this is a good movie. What happened? And I don’t know if it was superhero fatigue; You just saw it happen. Even now that we understand it properly, there were many, many complicated, difficult and very special, unique films in this film. I don’t think Muschietti got enough credit for what they achieved.”

Source: Deadline

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