Trailer for a creepy looking Mongolian horror film ABERRANCE

Freestyle Digital Media has released a trailer for a Mongolian horror film titled Aberration and it seems like a strangely twisted film. I like watching international horror films because, in most cases, they tend to offer something different and unique. The stories they tell are not the same things we see over and over again here in the United States.

In Aberrance, “When city dwellers Erkhmee and Selenge arrive at an old cabin deep in the wilds of Mongolia, a sense of foreboding settles over the pair. Erkhmee’s seemingly keen desire to provide a safe and nurturing space for his artistic wife is contrasted with the violent actions and mannerisms observed by their questioning neighbor. As the neighbor investigates more deeply into the reasons for this aberrant behavior, only more questions and problems arise.”

Aberration it will be the first Mongolian horror feature film to be released theatrically in the United States, introducing Mongolian cinema to a new audience, which is really cool! The film had its North American premiere at the 2023 SXSW Film Festival to positive reviews.

Alexa Khan of Three Flames Pictures said in a statement: “As a Mongolian and American filmmaker, I am honored to see our film released theatrically in the United States,” said Alexa Khan of Three Flames Pictures. “It’s a milestone worth celebrating and he’s excited to contribute to the AAPI film community that is making its mark in the United States.”

Trevor Morgan Doyle of Three Flames Pictures added: “As a Gulf War veteran and film producer, setting the ambitious goal of releasing a Mongolian film theatrically and seeing it come to fruition is extremely rewarding. Our long-term plan is to give Mongolian cinema and artists the recognition they deserve. We are grateful and excited for the opportunity and what the future holds!”

Aberrance is directed by Baatar Batsukh with whom he also co-wrote the film Erdene Orosoo (Relative of the Sun) AND Byambasuren Ganbat.

The film is the protagonist Selenge Chadraabal (Six feet), Erkhembayar Ganbat, Yalalt Namsrai (Snowman), Oyundary Jamsranjav (I disturb), Badamtsetseg Batmunkh, Bayarsanaa Batchuluun AND Ariunbyamba Sukhee (Guardians).

The film will arrive in US theaters on October 6, 2023. Video on demand (VOD) and digital release will follow in 2024.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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