Barbie’s pigeon arrives at the cinema: details, price and release date revealed

La palomera de Barbie llega al cine: detalles, precio y fecha de lanzamiento reveladosBarbie's pigeon arrives at the cinema: details, price and release date revealed

Barbie’s pigeon arrives at the cinema: details revealed, price and release date – NaciónFlix (Special)

The dovecote from the film Barbie 2023 enters the scene and is ready to debut in style at the Cinemex. This fabulous collector’s item has generated great anticipation among fans of the iconic doll. We take you all details about its price and the date you can get it.

A leak through the page of collection has revealed an exciting image of Barbie’s long-awaited pigeon. The film, which promises to be a success, has its premiere scheduled in all cinemas in Mexico on July 20th. however, the sale of Barbie dovecotes collection at Cinemexthey would be available over the counter from July 14, presumably.

While Cinemex has yet to make an official announcement about Barbie’s dovecote, they are expected to surprise us with all the details shortly. In the meantime, we can delight in the first sightings of this little gem for collectors and fans of the film.

the dovecote of Barbie is presented in a striking pink plastic box, designed with the unmistakable brand logo and adorned with stars that invite us to experience the magic of cinema. Its transparent design on the front allows you to admire the delicious popcorn that accompanies it, creating an irresistible combination.

While no official announcement has been made yet, an image of this coveted item has been leaked via the Collectables page.
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How much do Barbie popcorns cost in Cinemex?

As for the price, this fabulous collector’s item is estimated to be worth 299 pesos. However, for those looking to enjoy the full cinematic experience, Cinemex has prepared a special combination. This will include Barbie popcorn, a soda, and a commemorative glass from the movie, all for just 399 pesos. An offer that no Barbie fan will want to pass up!

Barbie’s pigeon comes in a striking pink plastic box with the brand logo and decorative stars. Its transparent design on the front allows you to see the popcorn that comes with it.

While the exact release date of Barbie’s Dovecote hasn’t been confirmed yet, there is speculation that it will be Available from next Friday, July 14th. So mark that date in your calendar and get ready to purchase this exclusive item that will make your collection shine!

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this magical experience and enjoy the charm of Barbie in every bite of popcorn. Stay tuned to Cinemex social media to find out all the news and run to the cinema closest to you to get your Barbie popcorn.

By Karen Magallanes

Source: Nacion Flix

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