This will be the “Barbie” Popcorn Collector at Cinemex; combined price

Esta será la palomera coleccionable de 'Barbie' en Cinemex; precio en comboThis will be collectible popcorn

This will be the “Barbie” Popcorn Collector at Cinemex; combined price – NaciónFlix (Special)

The long-awaited Barbie movie-inspired popcorn has come to light and will be available soon on Cinemex. Here we have all the details about its price and the date you can get it!

In the last few hours, an image of the dovecote from the barbie movie 2023 across the page collection. This exciting film is scheduled for release in all theaters. cinema of Mexico next July 20th. And if you’re already thinking about adding a fabulous collectible to your arsenal, read on!

While the theater chain hasn’t made an official announcement about this prized collector’s item, they are expected to reveal all the details about it shortly. Meanwhile, we can enjoy the first sightings of this dream pigeon.

Barbie’s dovecote comes in a striking pink plastic box, decorated with the brand’s emblematic logo and some stars that invite us to immerse ourselves in the magic of cinema. Its transparent design on the front allows us to appreciate the delicious popcorn that accompanies it.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this magical experience and taste the charm of Barbie in every bite of popcorn. Keep an eye on the Cinemex social networks and run to the nearest cinema to get your Barbie popcorn.
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How much do Barbie collectibles cost?

As for the price, this is estimated to be fabulous collectible will have a value of 299 pesos. However, for those who want the full movie experience, Cinemex will offer a special combo that will include Barbie popcorn, a soft drink, and a commemorative glass from the movie, all for 399 pesos. An irresistible offer!

Although the exact release date of Barbie’s pigeon has not yet been confirmed, it is speculated that it will be available starting next Friday, July 14th. So mark that date in your calendar and get ready to add this exclusive item to your collection.

By Karen Magallanes

Source: Nacion Flix

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