The amazing Netflix premiere movies you can’t miss in June

Las destacadas películas de estreno en Netflix que no te puedes perder en junioThe amazing Netflix premiere movies you can't miss in June

The Great Netflix Movies You Can’t Miss This June – Special (Netflix)

June 2023 has arrived and aims to be spectacular for Netflix users, thanks to the productions that this platform will launch during the following week, where the film category undoubtedly stands out, since several interesting films will be integrated into the catalog of this service very soon .

June brings some of the most outstanding movies to Netflix in 2023, titles that will feature stories of action, drama, romance and even adventure, so surely one of these films will hook you and if you don’t want to miss the highlights, here we show you the tapes that you have to see in this service during the month.

“The Farewells” (June 14)

One of best movies premiere on Netflix June 2023 is ‘Los Adioses’, a film made in Mexico, which will present a dramatic story based on true events, because this title focuses on Rosario Castellanos, a character who in the 1950s in the Aztec country faces genre conventions, a tape that has been classified as moving and dramatic.

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‘Across the Sea’ (June 23)

Romance could not be left behind, and one of must-see movies on Netflix in June is ‘Across the Sea’, a production that will surely captivate you, because this film made in Spain gets to narrate the continuation of the story of Raquel and Ares, two young people who, after spending a year apart, meet again in a passionate trip to the sea, something that tests their love.

“Rescue Mission 2” (June 16)

Similarly, another god Netflix movies not to be missed in June is ‘Rescue Mission 2’, a production that is one of the streaming giant’s big bets in 2023, as it concerns the return of actor Chris Cemsworth as the mercenary Tyler Rake, who returns to be involved in another dangerous mission that aims to protect the daughter of a powerful criminal.

Chris Cemsworth returns as mercenary Tyler Rake in “Rescue Mission 2”. Source: Netflix. Photographer: Special.

“The Perfect Combination” (June 23)

In the second half of the month comes an original upbeat romantic comedy from this streaming service, it is ‘The Perfect Combination’, a title that is meant to be very funny, since this tape shows the story of a fashion editor who, after spending Time on vacation she goes back to work, but things get complicated when she discovers that the stranger she kissed at a party is her new coworker and her boss’s son.

‘Nimona’ (June 30)

It is known that Netflix is ​​one of the great producers of animated films in the world of streaming, and in June a family film full of adventure and action was added to the catalog of this platform, it is ‘Nimona’, a film in which users will be able to see the story of a daring teenager with metamorphic powers determined to prove the innocence of a gentleman accused of a tragic crime.

By Orlando Medina

Source: Nacion Flix

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