The most extraordinary series premiering on Netflix in June are not to be missed

Las series de estreno en Netflix más destacadas en junio, son imperdiblesThe most extraordinary series premiering on Netflix in June are not to be missed

The Greatest Series Premiering on Netflix in June, You Can’t Miss – Special (Netflix)

Within the world of streaming, Netflix is ​​one of the platforms that forces its subscribers to be aware of its previews, because this service is one of those that integrates the majority of productions on a monthly basis, and the proof of this is that during June Several important series will arrive in the catalog of the streaming giant, some of which are unmissable.

The series category undoubtedly stands out in Netflix’s June premieres, as the platform will launch new titles with very interesting stories, in addition, some of the most watched original productions in this service return with new episodes, so here we show you the highlights coming in the series section during this month.

“Manifesto” (Season 4, Part 2 – June 2)

Quickly starting the month, one of the The most extraordinary Netflix series debuts in Junewe refer to “Manifesto”, a title that has maintained enormous popularity since 2018, and this time launches nothing less than its final chapters, or in other words, part 2 of its season 4, which will end with the dramatic and mysterious history of this production.

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“I Never” (Season 4 – June 8)

Good humor will arrive in the catalog of this service with new episodes of ‘I Never’, another of the Netflix’s first must-see series in Junebecause it is one of the most acclaimed teen comedies on this service, and its season 4 will also end with this fun and funny original story.

“Mother for Hire” (June 14)

From Mexico another god Netflix’s top releases in June in the series categorywe refer to ‘Rental Mother’, a production that promises to capture millions on this platform, because it follows the story of a woman of modest origins who is forced to rent her womb, this so that a couple from a powerful family have their offspring However, this involves him in a greedy web of lies.

‘Madre de Alquiler’ is the new Mexican drama series coming to Netflix. Source: Netflix. Photographer: Special.

“Black Mirror” (Season 6 – June 15)

It’s impossible to deny that ‘Black Mirror’ season 6 is one of the streaming giant’s standout releases in June, it’s even listed as one of this platform’s must-see premieres for all of 2023, a title that returns with five episodes featuring independent stories, and in each of them fans will see different Hollywood stars starring in storylines that make a major critique of the current addiction to technology.

‘Skull Island’ (June 22)

A premiere series that is sure to capture many in the streaming giant’s catalog in June is ‘La Isla Calavera’, a production that, as the name suggests, takes place on the big island where none other than the gigantic gorilla King lives. this title follows the ship’s crew who discover this place and desperately try to escape from it.

“The Witcher” (season 3 – June 29)

In the final stretch of the month, what will be the third season of the series starring Henry Cavill arrives, obviously we are referring to ‘The Witcher’, a title that has aroused enormous interest because it has promised to return with more fantasy and action to the catalog of this service , it will also be the last installment played by the aforementioned actor, because for the fourth and fifth installments of this production it will be Liam Hemsworth who will star in this story.

By Orlando Medina

Source: Nacion Flix

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