What is ‘Black Mirror’ 6 on Netflix, the sci-fi drama returns with 5 new stories

De qué trata ‘Black Mirror’ 6 en Netflix, el drama de ciencia ficción vuelve con 5 nuevas historiasWhat is 'Black Mirror' 6 on Netflix, the sci-fi drama returns with 5 new stories

What is ‘Black Mirror’ 6 on Netflix, the sci-fi drama returns with 5 new stories – Special (Netflix)

The fans of ‘Black Mirror’ had to wait a long time to continue with this production, the good news is that this wait is about to end because the new episodes of this sci-fi series already have a date. title that confirmed that it will return with five new chapters.

As usual in this production, season 6 of ‘Black mirror’ on Netflix it will have standalone episodesThis means that each of these chapters will tell a different story, which will maintain the style that this original series has shown since its launch, as they will criticize the reliance on technology that exists today.

With the premiere approaching Netflix, it has been revealed that the first of these episodes is called ‘Joanna is terrible’, and will star Salma Hayek, Annie Murphy, Michael Cera, Rob Delaney, Ben Barnes and Himesh Patel, a chapter that follows an ordinary woman who is shocked to discover that a streaming platform has released a dramatic adaptation about her life.

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Similarly, the second of these episodes is ‘lake henry’, and it is one of those that has aroused the most interest, because it follows a young couple who try to shoot a documentary in a small town in Scotland, but find themselves involved in important events of the past, a chapter that will tell starring Samuel Blenkin, Myha ‘La Herrold, Daniel Portman, John Hannah and Monica Dolan.

‘Beyond the Sea’ is the name of the third episode of ‘Black mirror’ 6 on Netflixset in an alternate 1969, centering on 2 men on a high-tech mission struggling with the aftermath of a recent tragedy, a story that will star Aaron Paul, Josh Hartnett, Kate Mara, Auden Thornton and Rory Culkin.

Featuring several recognized stars, ‘Black Mirror’ returns to Netflix. Source: Netflix. Photographer: Special.

Decidedly, one of the best season 6 episodes of ‘Black mirror’ on Netflix AND ‘Mazey day’, with Zazie Beetz, Clara Rugaard and Danny Ramírez, an episode in which subscribers to this service will be able to see how a star is chased by paparazzi while trying to alleviate the consequences of an accident involving a hit and run.

The chapter that will close with season 6 of science fiction series has the name ofDemon 79′, and counts Anjana Vasan, Paapa Essiedu, Katherine Rose Morley and David Shields, an episode that will narrate a plot set in England in 1979 where we will see how a quiet salesman must commit terrible acts to avoid a major disaster.

The premiere of ‘Black Mirror’ 6 on Netflix

While it’s true, the sixth season of this original production of the streaming giant won’t be very long, as these six episodes will last about an hour each, so many fans will probably end up with this new installment in a day or two, however, it’s a of the most important releases coming soon for this service.

As we mentioned, the season 6 of ‘Black mirror’ is very close to being released since Netflixas this title is part of the many releases confirmed by the platform for this month, as the six chapters that make up the new chapter of this science fiction series will be available on the platform from June 15th.

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