‘Futurama’ will premiere its new season in Mexico through Star+

‘Futurama’ sí estrenará su nueva temporada en México en Star+'Futurama' will premiere its new season in Mexico on Star+

‘Futurama’ to premiere its new season in Mexico on Star+ – Special (Courtesy)

In 2013 ‘Futurama’ premiered what was to be its final episode, an exciting chapter that earned the applause of fans, however, this episode is no longer the official outcome of the animated comedy from the creator of ‘The Simpsons ‘, because this title is close to the launch of its eleventh season and the good news for fans in Mexico is that it will arrive in the Aztec country.

From the beginning of 2023, the completion of the tseason 11 ‘futurema’, also recently the first official preview of what will be the new episodes of this animated comedy created by Matt Groeningbut it has only been confirmed to be released in the United States on the Hulu service, a platform that is not available in several countries around the world.

For this reason, fans of this animated comedy in Mexico were uncertain about its release in this country, and it was the Star+ service, which has revealed that it will exclusively premiere new episodes of ‘futurema’, which will arrive on the same date as they arrive in the United States.

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That’s right, the followers of this production will not have to wait to enjoy the new episodes, because season 11 ‘futurema’ will debut on Star+ on July 23a delivery that will return to the entertainment industry with no less than 10 new episodes with all the style of this irreverent production.

It is worth mentioning that many fans are still waiting for these new episodes of “Futurama” to be broadcast through the Star Channel signal, as this channel was the old Fox Channel, the place where the first seasons of this series were originally broadcast. successfull. created by Matt Groening in 1999.

‘Futurama’ returns in 2023 with its 11th season.Source: Courtesy. Photographer: Special.

Where to see all seasons of ‘Futurama’?

What is a fact is that the premiere of eleventh season of ‘futurema’, and if you want to enjoy all the previous installments of this successful production before the arrival of the new chapters, you should know that you can, since they are available in the world of streaming.

As you can imagine, Star+ is the platform that offers the other 10 seasons of “Futurama”, a series that has 140 episodes, which will grow with the arrival of the eleventh chapter and, if successful, this title could continue with its funny and irreverent story for many more years.

By Orlando Medina

Source: Nacion Flix

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