THE TOXIC AVENGER remake will give fans what they want and that includes a “Butt Guts” scene.

Legendary Pictures produced a remake of the 1984 cult film Troma The toxic avengerand the makers of the film are hoping to offer something very special for fans. The film has already been slapped with an R rating for “Heavy violence and gore, language throughout, sexual references, and brief explicit nudity,” which I’m sure fans have come to expect.

Mark Hamill and his return of the J…

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Mark Hamill and his Return of the Jedi helix lightsaber reunite in Pop Culture Quest Clip

Talking about the movie earlier, Peter Dinklage, who plays Toxie, described the film as “over-the-top and insane,” and now we have a little idea of ​​what that over-the-top insanity will entail! The creative team led by the director Macon Blair (Blue Ruin, Green Room), wanted to give fans what they want, and apparently, that includes what’s being described as a “butt ass” scene.

While speaking with /Film in an interview, sound editor Casey Genton offered a little preview of what’s to come, saying:

“It’s a really fun movie. Macon Blair, the director, I think he did a really good job. Everyone was a dream in the movie. I’m so surprised – for me personally, I hadn’t seen the original ‘Toxic Avenger’ until I made this movie. And it’s a great cult classic, and I know people are really excited about it. When they tried it out, fans of the film were over the moon with the film. […] It’s nice out there. I think it’s a different crack. They’re giving the fans what they want, for sure. There’s no shortage of it – I know everyone is referencing the kid’s head getting run over and stuff like that. I think there was one iteration of the film that didn’t get enough, so they did a lot – I don’t want to spoil it. But that’s it, it’s been dubbed the ‘guts’ scene, and it’s probably the best way to match that ‘heads being run over’ energy everyone is looking for. So it’s in line with the fan base and I think it’s fun.”

The reference to the child’s head being run over is from the original film. If you’ve seen the movie, the head popped like a melon because a real melon was used in the effects scene. The whole “guts” scene sounds like it’s about to be wildly, gloriously gross!

The original film told the story of a bullied janitor who becomes a mutant superhero after falling into a vat of toxic waste and transforms into a radioactive hero. The synopsis for the new film reads:

Based on the 1984 cult classic of the same name. Set in a fantasy world, it follows Winston, a stereotypical weakling who works as a janitor at the Garb-X health club and is diagnosed with a terminal illness that can only be cured with an expensive treatment that his greedy and power-hungry employer refuses to pay. After deciding to take matters into his own hands and rob his company, Winston falls into a pit of toxic waste and transforms into a deformed monster who sets out to do good and take revenge on all the people who have wronged him.

Dinklage is joined in the film by Jacopo Tremblay, Kevin Bacon, Taylor Paige, Elijah Wood AND Julia Davis. This movie is going to be crazy!

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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