‘Mal de ojo’ the Mexican horror movie is now available on this streaming platform

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‘Evil Eye’, the Mexican horror film, is now available on this streaming platform – Cinépolis Distribución (Courtesy)

In 2022, one of the mexican horror movies more exciting today, it’s about ‘The evil eye’ which received excellent reviews and was applauded by audiences on social networks when it premiered in cinemas. And now, surprisingly, it has arrived on a streaming platform without warning and completely free.

After his time on the big screen, the horror film ‘Mal de ojo’ by isaac ezban It arrived on Cinépolis Click and Claro Video is available for purchase or rental, however currently you can watch it on another streaming platform without the need to pay an additional cost for your subscription and just press play.

With a post on social media, Amazon Prime videos took the fans of horror movies by surprise and revealed that the movie “Mal de ojo” is now available for everyone and all Mexicans can enjoy this thrilling horror story with evil witches and mythological creatures which turned out to be a hit at the cinema.

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You can currently watch the film ‘Mal de ojo’ from the Amazon Prime Video catalog and it is sufficient that you have a subscription to this streaming platform to be able to reproduce it without paying an additional cost, or if you prefer you can also watch it from Cinépolis Click and Claro Video with a price ranging from 50 to 255 Mexican pesos.

‘Evil Eye’ a scary family horror story

It is known that Mexican cinema is characterized by romantic comedies, as in the case of ‘Unhappy Ever After’ which arrives in films this January 26, however director Isaac Ezban showed in September last year that horror can also represent the country abroad.

‘Evil Eye’ was critically acclaimed and had the opportunity to be featured in several festivals showcasing the best of fantasy and horror across the globe. As if that weren’t enough, it was chosen as the best international feature film at the A Night of Horror International Film Festival, confirming the success of the production directed by Isaac Ezban.

The film ‘Evil Eye’ is finally available on streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Cinépolis Click and Claro Video, and although many are wondering when it will be released on Netflix, the truth is that at the moment there is no precise date but c There’s no excuse not to experience the horror of this Mexican story from the comfort of your home and just a click away.

By Jared Solis

Source: Nacion Flix