From Meghan’s tears to the most intimate kisses: first images of the Sussexes’ documentary

Harry and Meghan land on Netflix and become the main stars of the most anticipated premiere in recent months. The production will consist of six chapters, and although it was initially going to be called Chapterswill finally get the title Harry and Megan. The digital platform released a one-minute video yesterday in which we can see the first images and some fragments of the documentary, which It will be released on December 8.. The couple wants to share their version of the latest events with the rest of the English royal family.

Meghan and Harry will also talk about how they met and they began what was once a clandestine love story. From Netflix, they explained that the series will not be limited to the couple’s romance, but will faithfully portray the world and the relationships through which life moves. They will not be the only ones to give their testimony in the documentary, some Family and friends of the couple also participated in this work. On the other hand, there will be the point of view of some historians who will explain the current state of the Commonwealth and the relationship of the English royal family with the press.

From the platform they announce that what we are going to see a unprecedented image of the most controversial couple of royalties today. Liz Garbus is behind this project and will be responsible for telling the story. Film director, twice nominated for an Oscar and winner of two Grammys, a brilliant professional career that led her to lead the highly anticipated series. Executive producers are Erica Sashin, Mark Monroe, Dan Cogan, Liz Garbus, Ben Browning, Chanel Pysnik, Jon Bardin, Mala Chapple and Angus Wal.

Meghan Markle, who was devoted to the world of interpretation before meeting Harry, explained to the magazine Variety last October she was a big fan of Liz Garbus. The royal explained that it had been very nice “trusting your story to someone whose work you admire (…) It’s great to be around so much creative energy and see how people work and compare their points of view”said the Duchess of Sussex, who already knew part of the film crew from her former job as an actress. Markle decided to leave her life as an actress behind and focus on her future with Prince Harry.

Although the promotional video contains the couple’s most intimate kisses, Meghan’s bitterest tears and a photo of the pregnant Duchess, there is no sign of their children, Archie, who is now three years old, and his little sister Lilibet Diana, one. It is not known whether the little ones in the house will appear in any of the six chapters of the documentary, although it is likely that Harry and Meghan have decided to put them aside in order to keep their private lives as far away from media attention as possible. . On more than one occasion, King Carlos III’s son has expressed the psychological damage caused by media overexposure when he was a child, and he doesn’t want the same to happen to his two children.

In the promotional video, one of the team members directly asks “Why do you want to make this documentary?”, and after seeing a series of unpublished photos of Harry and Meghan, we hear the first sentence from Lady Di’s son. “Nobody sees what goes on behind closed doors. I had to do everything I could to protect my family”, confessed the prince. Then Markle says, “When you’re betting that high, isn’t it better to hear our side of the story?” It seems that Netflix has decided to cover all the English royals, as it also broadcasts The Crown, a series that tells the life of Queen Elizabeth II, which the family does not seem to like very much.

The displeasure of the English royal family is mounting as the world premiere of The Crown is accompanied by the premiere of the Sussex documentary next week. Will they reveal new family distance data?

Source: Marie Claire

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