Macarena Achaga shares with us the best tips on love and relationships

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Macarena Achaga She is one of the Argentine actresses who came to Mexico to conquer our hearts, because her talent has reached great series and movies, so it is important to always have her in your sights.

Now Macarena Achaga was with Glamor Mexico and Latin America to answer one by one the existential doubts that keep you awake at night our 17 tips. The Argentine actress, whom we recently saw in the movie ‘The Wrath of God’, told us what to do if your ex sends you flowers but tells you he doesn’t want to come back, how to deal with yourself if you’re toxic, and more advice on relationships. Here the tips of the Macarena!

—Your ex sends you details but tells you that he does not want to return

— I have a theory that exes are exes for a reason, many flowers, many gifts and so on, but better block it from WhatsApp, but keep sending you things, flowers never go out of style and are always welcome.

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-I’m starting a love relationship and everything is going well, what do you advise me to have a healthy relationship

— If you have a good relationship, don’t complicate it! The easiest thing is always to complicate everything, but when things go well I think that sometimes as humans we sabotage ourselves, but my best advice would be to go to therapy, it’s not true, well yes! Although the reality is to look for any self-destructive behavior to improve it.

— My boyfriend likes feet, but I’m tired of going to pedicure, what do I do?

— Yes, send him to therapy, in reality I can’t think of anything else, the truth is there are fetishes for everyone, but the real question is, does he take care of them? Does he give you massages, does he give you kisses? ? Because if the problem is money, then let him pay for it.

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source: Glamour