“Puzzle 2” is a very bad cartoon: how Pixar studio fooled viewers’ brains

“Puzzle 2” is a very bad cartoon: how Pixar studio fooled viewers’ brains
“Puzzle 2” is a very bad cartoon: how Pixar studio fooled viewers’ brains

While watching, every now and then the thought came up that this was all already in the first part.

I went to the premiere of ‘Inside Out’ with great anticipation, as I loved the original 2015 cartoon with all my heart and was looking forward to what the directors would surprise me with this time. I really had to be surprised, but almost always in the worst sense of the word.

Early on, we are shown that Riley has entered puberty, and therefore the emotions in her head are going to struggle. In the end, this is what happens, because four new characters (we are not counting nostalgia, the time has not yet come) crawl into the girl’s head at the same time. It seems that this is a field for experiments? Whatever it is.

In the first part, Joy “fought” Sadness, trying to bring her to her senses and not ruin Riley’s life, and now this sweet couple does the same and unites against the know-it-all fear. Seriously, the antagonist character development goes exactly the same, from “everything will be the way I want” to “okay, we have to work as a team, I will make concessions.” And that’s only half the story.

Remember how in the original cartoon, Joy and Sadness traveled a long way through Riley’s consciousness to return to headquarters and rescue the girl from trouble? In the sequel, the same thing awaits all five ancient emotions at once. Even most of the locations repeat the previous ones, and the plot trope “we meet a comic character who will help us in the end” is one to one!

And it’s not so easy to believe what happens to Riley herself. Let’s forget about emotions – could you erase old friends from your life, with whom you never even quarreled, while extremely vague prospects for a successful career loomed on the horizon? The question is rhetorical.

There was absolutely nothing that prevented the girl from continuing to communicate with her friends and explaining to them that she wanted to try her luck in the “adult competition” – as it became clear at the end of “Puzzle 2”, Riley would only become supported in her business.

But all these controversial issues did not prevent the cartoon from becoming a full-fledged blockbuster. I can’t even believe which of this year’s blockbusters managed to dethrone them.

Author: Alexey Pletkin

Source: Popcorn News

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