“The Whole Universe”: “Soyuzmultfilm” will create Russian “Avengers” based on books by Gaidai and Bazhov

“The Whole Universe”: “Soyuzmultfilm” will create Russian “Avengers” based on books by Gaidai and Bazhov

Our heroes will be completely different from Spider-Man and Captain America.

After a string of absolutely disastrous new Marvel films, Russian comic fans have been waiting for a quality movie about men in latex tights, and Soyuzmultfilm decided to strike while the iron is hot. Russians can expect a lot of projects about patriotic, homely superheroes who don’t wear capes.

The legendary film studio, with the support of Okko and Sergei Lukyanenko, is actively working on a franchise under the working title “The Order of the Scarlet Star”, the participants of which will be well-known characters from the books of famous Russian writers .

For now we are talking about Timur from the books of Gaidar, the Mistress of the Copper Mountain Bazhov, Vasilisa, Aelita, Ichthyander and several other heroes who are in no way related to each other. However, Soyuzmultfilm sees enormous potential in The Order for creating a true cinematic universe.

At SPIEF, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the film studio Yuliana Slashcheva announced the great potential of the franchise, which is unusual for Russia:

“A whole universe was created with its own history, heroes and their characters, a coordinate system, several storylines, and at the same time images that have already become archetypes in Russian history, culture, science and literature were used as a basis. As a result of artistic reconsideration, they acquired new characteristic features and meanings.”

It is expected that new books, feature films and cartoons, as well as computer games and various licensed products will be released based on The Order of the Scarlet Star.

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